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Adventure Immigration Process

Our Process

The process passes through a number of stages. Broadly, here is an outline of the steps:

Step 1:

Once clients decide to retain our services, we jointly agree and sign off on a Retainer Agreement. The agreement consists, very broadly, of our mutual obligations to each other towards meeting the client’s objective, the scope of work we commit to and the fee and disbursements that would apply for acting on the client’s behalf.

Step 2:

Immediately after, we ship out a package to the client containing immigration forms along with a guidance letter and a checklist of other supporting documents, together with formats for affidavits required from the client for the preparation of the case.

Step 3:

Entails a diligent review and scrutiny of the client’s application and developing a submission strategy to best ‘market’ your profile.

Step 4:

Launch the application process on your behalf. This stage entails the following sub-processes/documentation:

  • Preparing and submitting a comprehensive submission report to the Immigration Officers at Citizenship and Immigration Canada to emphasize why your application should be considered favourably.
  • Our submissions are based on the immigration legislative and regulatory frameworks and are developed solely to indicate to the visa officer how our client meets / or would meet the requirements for permanent resident status.
  • If relevant, we will attach a copy of our Assessment of your Skills and Qualifications outlining to Citizenship and Immigration Canada the number of points you scored and the reasons why you should be accepted as a Landed Immigrant.
  • Provide expert counselling on documentation of application and supporting information together with scrutinizing and itemizing all the required documents with appropriate translations wherever required. We may, as we often do, request you for supplementary documents and submit them to strengthen your case.
  • Ensure that we submit your application to the processing center in a time-efficient manner.
  • Advise you of the correct Landing Fee and the Processing Fee and ensure the same is properly completed and enclosed. Ensure that the photographs submitted are of the correct size as specified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • Direct you to the accredited Language Testing institutions per immigration eligibility requirements.

Step 5:

After your application is ‘locked in’, we track the status of the approvals process and remain prepared to expeditiously respond to and address, on your behalf, any Citizenship and Immigration Canada questions/ clarifications. We will represent your best interests when communicating and monitoring your application with Immigration Officers as and when required.

Step 6:

Intimation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada about your interview triggers this step in the process. At this time, we shall:

  • Keep you informed about your interview dates and other pertinent information
  • Invite you over for interview guidance. Visa Officers, by law, are authorized to make the final decision and issue immigration visas.

Step 7:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s green light to take the Medical Examination usually signifies an ‘approval in principle, pending the result of the examination and background/security checks. We work with you to provide all relevant information and the next steps.

Step 8:

Upon receipt of your visa/landing papers, we assist you with complying with the conditions of landing imposed on your landing papers and visas. The immigrant visa will bear an expiration date and the client must arrive in Canada prior to the expiration date to become landed. We are always available to answer your questions or address your concerns both during and after the immigration process. However, should the application be refused, we will work with you to appeal the refusal at the appropriate level.